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Akorn · TH Seeds

Akorn is back only feminized. Akorn (Alias SnowBud "Bud Snow") is native mostly indica variety Northwest USA imported in 1995.'s Name Akorn (Acorn) was imparted to the plant by the people who crop because its dense, hard bud because the size of the queues 'arms baby' forming, making it a great producer. 

Grow this plant is a gift as this list in just 58 days average. Desarollara large elongated buds with many glistening trichomes. Growers can come to expect a great performance to 500g/m2 and more if given more time to fully mature. By smoking this variety can expect a lot of nice properties with a strong indica buzz / intense stone that lasts a couple of hours. 

People who smoke flame SnowBud this variety because of its incredible resin production. No matter what you want to call this plant, growers and smokers simply called their favorite. 


  • Type Mostly Indica 
  • Height 120-150cm 
  • performance 400-500g/m2 
  • Flowering time 53-60 days (8-9 weeks)

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