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Auto Blue Ace CBD· Delicious Seeds 

Blue Ace Cbd Auto, is a plant not dependent on 5 generation fruit of the crossing of the Diva and our Carmen auto, (we have to make special mention to the male Carmen that is the plant that gave us the power to make cbd crosses and we will be eternally grateful to this magnificent plant), this Carmen we have worked for more than 5 generations to become a non-dependent cannabis plant with high concentrations of cbd and with very subtle and pleasant organoleptic characteristics, its very characteristic flavor of the plants marijuana with high contents in cbd is fruity with citric background. The result of the crossing is a non-dependent plant with thc-cbd ratios ranging from 1.1 to 1.2, during the drying of Blue Ace the more volatile substances give way to a flavor between acidic fruit and pepper with aftertaste.

With ratios of 1: 1, 1: 2 is an ideal plant for both medicinal use, and for those who want to combine their use with performing tasks in which they have to be concentrated. It is a plant that presents a slight psychoactivity, due to its ratio of THC-CBD, although it causes a slight mental stimulation that becomes very bearable from the beginning. Some consumers experience states of deep introspection. A variety that has been proven perfect as an analgesic, and to calm states of anxiety or nervousness.

· Gender: Female
· Lineage: Carmen Auto X Diva
· Cultivation Method: Indoor / Outdoor
· Indoor Maturation Time: 55 days from sowing to harvesting
· Outdoor Maturing Time: 55 days from planting to harvesting
· Harvest: 400-500gr m2 indoor / 50-100 gr / pl outdoor
· Taste: Sweet, Citric, Fruity
· Odor: High
· Effect: Medicinal
· Thc Ratio: Cbd: 1: 2
· Medicinal Value: Very High
· Tolerance to irrigation: High


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