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Zkittlez Auto · FastBuds Seeds

The legalization of cannabis in California brought with it a new tendency, to get the yerba sweet off at any price. Strains with flavors of desserts began to appear, but none sweeter than Zkittlez from Fast Buds. Created from the triple backcross Z3 and the autoflowering magic of Fast Buds, it is very stable. Do not get confused with the Skittles candies. We are delighted to bring the sweetest of legalization to growers around the world. This hybrid is of dominant Indica nature and fills the room with a powerful aroma. You will always recognize a plant that comes from Zkittlez seeds of Fast Buds by the stalk the size of a football and a formidable frame completed by a crown loaded with buds. Taste With a name like Zkittlez you can imagine that you will find it. Sweet chocolaty tones will fill the air around you. Now, after the cultivation and harvest the fragrance will change to fruity and caramel tones. You will never want to try something else. Effects High in THC, low in CBD, is a hybrid of dominant Indica character that mixes Auto Grapefruit with our autoflowering genetics to create a variety of the same lineage as the Zkittlez that grows in half the time. Perfect for a night out with friends or to relax on the sofa, our Zkittlez balances its sativa origins with the sedative effects of indica. The trap will not give you a shot like a pure sativa but it will not leave you knocked out on the sofa either. Growth Like any candies, the Zkittlez plants grow fat and happy. The distance between your nodes is a blessing since it allows each stem to maximize its size with some approaching the size of a balloon. The main stem forms a perfect triangle like a pyramid, giving it a very unique appearance. You've never seen grass grow like that. Those huge stems are only the beginning since each of them grows with a large radius. As one grower said: To say that it goes well snowed is to say little. You will want a carbon filter for the smell if you grow it indoors. Unless you want your house to smell like candy store. All this resin and bud production takes energy so be generous with the nutrients. While most autoflowering varieties already need cal / mag, Zkittlez will act better if they are given these nutrients from the first week. He also swallows enough water so you'll have to watch his fluid intake, especially during the first two weeks. It is ready for indoor or outdoor alike. Zkitllez represents a new top for Fast Buds, for sales and cannabis autoflowering in general. With an exceptional flavor, its unique appearance and rapid growth; your friends will not believe it and will die for trying the final result. The growth ends on the ninth week and the result is a plant full of caramel aroma that will give you up to 300 grams Zkittlez per plant.

· Growing area: Indoor | Outdoor
· Gender: Feminized
· Genes: Mostly Indica
· Genetics: Zkittlez Autoflowering
· Harvest: 8-9 weeks
· Production: XXL Height US: up to 40 inch Height EU: 70-100 cm · THC: Very High CBD: Very Low
· Autoflowering: Yes


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