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Auto Critical Orange Punch · Dutch Passion Seeds

Critical Orange Punch is a variety of photoperiodic seeds, the first Dutch Passion strain based on the wonderful Kritikal Bilbo genetics of Spain. Reproduction began with the crossing of selected cuttings of Grandaddy Purps and Orange Bud (Orange Punch). The result was a supreme smoke with an excellent flavor but with a performance below the average. When crossed with a Critical THC rich and extra large yields, these improved drastically thanks to the vigor of growth of the Critical. The Critical Orange Punch has a rich citrusy skunky flavor and an Afghan hashish aroma along with a powerful, long-lasting euphoric high. It is a variety of extra, huge, stable and easy to grow. It grows without any difficulty in a wide range of nutrient and crop conditions, usually reaching a meter and a half high in the interior and only needs between 7 and 8 weeks to flower and give commercial yields of sticky buds and hard as a rock. It is an easy, powerful and perfect variety of feminized seeds for extra-dense crops.

Dutch Passion

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