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Auto Desfran · Dutch Passion Seeds 

Using the legendary sativa Desfrán genetics, this is one of the best autoflowering sativas developed by Dutch Passion. Auto Desfrán has a very powerful effect, not for beginners or before going to bed! The buds contain a white resin glaze and a tropical skunk aroma.

The purely sativa genetics Desfrán, of photoperiod, has been able to transform into autoflowering thanks to the sativa genetics of Auto Daiquiri Lime, this sativa hybridization ensures that all the best sativa attributes are conserved. The strong Sativa influence means that this car will take time to flower, up to 15 weeks from seed to harvest.

But experts in self-cultivation will find that the extra weeks deserve the wait to enjoy this exceptional quality with a high psychoactive level.

· Greenhouse
· Life cycle 15 weeks
· Percentage of THC 19%
· Sativa Dominant

Dutch Passion

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