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DrGreenstore presents the Auto Lemon KIX seed from the Dutch Passion seed bank, it is an autoflowering marijuana plant, mostly sativa, created from two of the best American strains from the west coast of the United States and Las Vegas such as Lemon Skunk.

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Auto Lemon Kix · Dutch Passion Seeds

Auto Lemon Kix, is a strain of easy cultivation, vigorous growth and fast flowering.

Indoors it is ready around 75 days from germination, using less than 20 hours of light.

Outdoors it requires a little more time, about 100 days starting from seed until the cutting date. It is possible that on some occasions, and depending on the cultivated phenotype, the most productive automatic plants of Auto Lemon Kix may need one to two more weeks to finish their flowering, providing their grower with a greater production of flowers.

Auto Lemon Kix, a large autoflowering plant, therefore it is advisable to use 18L pots, for indoor and outdoor cultivation. Outdoors, it should be noted that if possible it is planted in the ground, where there are no restrictions for an explosive growth of buds, large, compact and highly resinated with a high concentration of THC at 21%.

Its really powerful and long-lasting effect is cheerful, euphoric and social, ideal for consumption during the day, with hints of lemon touch accompanied by the fruity base of skittlez sweets, which makes it a flavor bomb on the palate.

Features of Auto Lemon Kix

  • Genetics: USA Family
  • Type: Automatic Feminziada
  • Genotype: Sativa / Indica
  • Indoor flowering: 10 weeks
  • Outdoor flowering: 14 weeks from April to September
  • THC content: 21%
  • Indoor production: XXL
  • Outdoor production: XXL
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