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Meringue from the Dutch Passion seed bank is one of the latest additions of 2019, the ancestors are Wedding Cake and the Animal Cookies variety are two strains with a great reputation for their flavor, effect and XXL production.

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Meringue · Dutch Passion Seeds

Dutch Passion Meringue is created for growers looking for great production, excellent taste and a powerful psychedelic effect.

 Its growth is vigorous in every way, while it easily branches out what gives it a lot of play both in indoor and outdoor cultivation. The flowering of Meringue marijuana is explosive in every way, considering it a strain of great production, something very valuable considering that the vast majority of American cannabis hybrids usually have a medium production.

Marijuana Meringue, compact buds, extra resins and powerful with 19% THC, a strain of marijuana very complete in every way and can be grown indoors where it requires 8 weeks to finish flowering with a production of 600gr / m2.

Its effect is long lasting, about 3 hours, being this euphoric, social, fun, while providing a great feeling of being well and body relaxation. This effect accompanied by sweet flavors and smells reminiscent of meringue, a really special flavor.

Dutch Passion Meringue Features

  • Name: Meringue
  • Genetics: Wedding Cake x Animal Cookies
  • Type: Feminized
  • Genotype: Indica / Sativa
  • Flowering indoor: 8 weeks
  • Flowering outdoor: October
  • THC Content: High
  • Indoor production: 600 gr / m2
  • Outdoor production: More than 800 gr / plant
Dutch Passion

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