Drgreenstore incorporates the autoflowering version of Banana Blaze, as potent as the original photoperiod version. The powerful effect and the sweet, fruity and banana flavor are very similar ... order it now!


Auto Banana Blaze · Dutch Passion Seeds

Auto Banana Blaze is ready in 12 weeks, this auto seed is light feeding, growing from feminized autoflowering seed to a beautiful little Christmas tree up to a meter tall. It may not need nutrients every time you water it, but looking at the plant will tell you exactly how it feels and what it needs. This is a good plant that will give a lot of practice for all growers!

In the right hands, Auto Banana Blaze can produce 150 grams of high-quality buds per plant. Whenever possible, we recommend growing this feminized seed organically. Yields may not be as high as hydroponically grown plants, but the flavor and quality of the product can reach new levels.


  • Yield: XL
  • Variety: Indica
  • Genetics: Afghani Kush
  • Production in: Indoor / Outdoor / Greenhouse
  • THC levels: very high
  • Growing time: 12 weeks
Dutch Passion

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