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Strawberry Banana Auto · FastBuds Seeds


Drgreenstore adds to its catalog of seeds an excellent variety for those looking for powerful autoflowers that offer both quality and quantity, with up to 27% THC, Strawberry Banana Auto is one of the richest varieties in THC that have come out to the market. market ... and you already have it available on our website!

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Strawberry Banana Auto · FastBuds Seeds

 Strawberry Banana Auto is a strain that will surprise you with its powerful but balanced Indica and Sativa effects, it is excellent for those looking for powerful autoflowers that offer both quality and quantity. You will enjoy an extremely sweet and fruity terpene profile with an obvious strawberry and banana aroma that comes hand in hand with a strong body stone mixed with a cerebral high that stimulates creativity; One of the richest THC strains to hit the market lately, this colossal autoflower grows up to 150cm and produces massive yields of up to 600gr / m2.

Description of the bud: They grow thick and slightly elongated with a light green color and fine bright yellowish orange hairs and dark green leaves emerging from them; You will have super puffy calyxes that give the buds a distinctive pointy look. Thanks to the outrageous trichome production, the buds end up heavily covered and it looks like it has been snowing in the grow tent for days and when harvested they will reek of a delicious mix of freshly picked strawberries with a background of ripe bananas, which makes it a wonderful choice for hash makers and extractors who need trichome potency to take their products to the next level.

High: Due to the high level of THC, this variety offers a strong hybrid effect; When smoking, you will feel a slight buzzing in your head that gradually turns into a strong euphoric and elevated cerebral high that leaves you focused and alert. The Sativa high is accompanied by a warm body high that slowly soothes the entire body and can leave you on the couch with strong cravings if you smoke excessively. This strain is seriously recommended for those with a high tolerance and medicinal patients looking for an alternative to relieve chronic pain, loss of appetite, or severe anxiety.

Plant appearance: This strain grows vigorously and will clearly show its mixed heritage; The main tail grows tall, reaching up to 150 cm followed by several side branches that remain short compared to the main tail, but still grow quite large and develop multiple flowering sites that are completely covered in fatty buds from top to bottom. This strain remains compact and despite its height, it will maintain that typical Indica structure until harvest, where it will end up looking like a beautiful and uncharacteristically huge Indica.

Grow Tips: Make sure you have enough vertical space in your grow tent, this strain can grow up to 150cm, so it is recommended that your tent be at least 200cm tall to avoid problems in the last weeks of your grow cycle. culture. Once the buds start to get fat, they will get quite heavy, so pay close attention to the branches and if you feel like they won't be able to support the weight, use plant yo-yos or bamboo stakes to provide support and prevent breakage.

Flavor: This variety offers an unforgettable taste of sweet tropical strawberries with a slight bubblegum undertone on the inhale and more apparent ripe banana with a strong earthy undertone on the exhale. The perfect potency and terpene profile for hash producers and extractors looking for the most potent strains with the strongest terpene profiles.


 Flavor: Banana, Fruits, Strawberry

 THC: Up to 27%

 CBD: <1%

 Harvest EU Indoor: 450 - 600 gr / m2

 Harvest US Indoor: 1.5 - 2 oz / ft2

 Harvest EU outdoors: 50 - 250 gr / plant

 Harvest USA Outdoor: 2 - 9 oz / plant

 Size: XXL

 EU height: 110 - 150 cm

 US Height: 43 - 59 inches

 Flowering weeks: 10 - 11 weeks

 Room: Indoor / Outdoor

 Gender: Feminized

 Sativa / Indica: Sativa 45% / Indica 55%

 Genetics: Strawberry Banana Auto

 Autoflowering: Yes


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