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Diesel Glue · Kannabia Seeds

With this name we say everything of this variety. Hybrid of the famous New York Diesel (original Chem-Draw of California), which we crossed X Black Domina to shorten the days of flowering, and also compact the flowers to the Domina style.

So, when starting the cultivation of Diesel Glue you should bear in mind that it does not cost you to reach a considerable size in a short time, due to its hybrid vigor you must remember that the plant will grow many centimeters when the flowering begins.

In flowering, the plant demands a large amount of fertilizer, although the lemon-green color of its leaves can make you think that it has some deficiency. This is not usually the case. Try to maintain EC levels in flowering between 1.8 and 2.2 to not over fertilize the plant and saturate its roots. Diesel Glue is ready in 8 weeks, or even 9 if what we want is the flavor and the ripeness. For this purpose, we recommend the use of carbohydrates from the second week after beginning the flowering. Outdoors you will cut in the 2nd week of October.

· Flowering cycle: 60-65 days
· Production: 500 gr / m2
· Harvest: Mid October
· Average height: 190 cm
· Production: 600 gr / plant
· Feminised
· Genetics: Black Domina x New York Diesel
· Species: Hybrid Sativa Dominant

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