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The Top 10 varieties of superclassics are represented by this variety, which has given its name to the marijuana plant in many countries. The name Skunk refers to the extremely strong smell that it gives off (both when flowering and when smoked). A classic plant that was originally created in Holland and is now probably the best-known of all marihuana varieties. It was the first sinsemilla variety, and also the first stabilised hybrid developed for indoor growing.
Skunk # 1 originated in California’s Bay Area in the 1970s. The original Skunk hybrids were a cross between 25% Afghan, 25% Acapulco Gold and 50% Colombian Gold. After countless generations of intensive selection and re-crossing, the best Skunk plants were stabilised into the first genetically pure indica-sativa hybrid: Skunk #1. Owing to the strength of this Cannabis variety, “skunk” is often used to refer to any kind of strong marihuana. Skunk # 1 is considered as a benchmark for a reliable, uniform performance, and its genotype has had a huge influence on many modern hybrids.

To stabilise it and acclimatise it to our local conditions, we crossed this Skunk plant with our own Black Domina - a plant that gives it a higher yield and stabilises the end of the flowering cycle at eight weeks. Although this is the fastest variety we have yet done, some very indica-rich phenotypes may even finish and ripen fully in only seven weeks. This plant’s background is really quite special. The most indica part can be seen in the density of buds and the fat, broad, dark-green leaves. Its growth while flowering is self-evident after only a few days.

This stage is when the vigour of the hybrid really comes into its own. Excellent results with drain-to-waste drip-watering systems. Fat, compact buds with a large number of trichomes.

Even though it’s a short plant, it’s very tall for a Skunk, although outdoors it may tend to grow “bushy” and occupy many square metres. By planting later (mid-to-late April) the results will be shorter in height but with an equally good yield. It has large pistils that form gorgeous calyxes filled with trichomes and forming large buds.

A very high-yield plant both indoors and outdoors, reaching up to 350 grams per plant or 450 grams per square metre indoors.

It conserves the typical Skunk flavour with shades of tangy fruit. A plant that combines super-high yield with ease of growth, even for non-experts.

• Vegetative Cycle: 12-15 days
• Flowering Cycle: 50-55 days
• Medium height: from 60 cm
• Production: 400 gr/m2
• Harvest: mid September
• Medium height: 180 cm
• Production: 450 gr/plant
• THC: 16%

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