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Somalicious seed bank Soma Sacred Seeds Marijuana is a plant of great quality and distinctive nature of plant genetic crossing of two states known for their prodigious qualities they bring to their grower. Before knowing the potential Somalicious we must consider their ancestors, they are responsible for transmitting these precious features to this new marijuana plant. Ancestors of marijuana Somalicious It is therefore a junction which involved marijuana Lavender, which is a seed of high quality cannabis made up of different gene from different countries such as; Afghanistan, Hawaii, Korea, the USA along with different regions of Europe. It is a strain of marijuana that looks attractive colors exotic plant harboring different color gammas tend to the dark color. Their colors are changing going from dark green to purple or blue tones that make this a real show genetic visually.

This cannabis plant is vigorous from the start that not being a pure Haze it can soon become a plant of great heights if you are a long growth contributes to indoor growing. It adapts well to all cropping systems, either on land or hydro can be cultivated both SOG and SCROG always with good results. But is recommended for cultivation in See Of Green will not supply a long growing season and to control their height.

For growing in SCROG will be an interesting option since branches with ease and has an excellent calyx leaf ratio that makes it easy to manicure. Its production will be relatively high with organoleptic qualities that stand out to contain a distinguished odors similar to Afghani hash spicy nuance. The effect of power and tagging Indian character, makes this lovely lady a great way to relax after a hard day's ideal for lowering the stress accumulated during the day work.

On the other hand we have LA Confidential marijuana which is a cannabis plant OG LA Affie crossing x Afghani resulting in a 100% indica plant. It is a variety with broad leaves and dark green typical indica plant. As you progress flowering leaves will narrow to allow the lower parts receiving more light and thus create more compact buds increasing final production of flowers. His psychedelic effect of rising energy and relaxing background will be ideal for treating pain and insomnia. You will have a short flowering 45-56 days with an excellent and distinguished taste and smell that make your time in one of the most celebrated cannabis strains by DNA Genetics.

Growing Somalicious This marijuana plant quality is the result of crossing different strains as Lavender Haze x LA Confidential offering vigorous growth and branched from the beginning of the Indic genes of which it is composed. Its flowering period not exceeding 10 weeks for growing indoors, outdoors will be harvested during the month of October making it an excellent pot plant production which will create large, high quality compact buds.

The large amount of resin created by high levels of THC make this fair lady an excellent choice for consumers who want to enjoy a relaxing anti stress effect ideal to end those days of hard work Psychedelic point. It should be noted organoleptic qualities which stand to contain some tastes and smells of high quality with a spicy flavor and a very strong smell to Afghan Kush. At the end of the flowering period depending on whether cold or so ago in Somalicious can see a wide range of colors that vary from dark green to purplish blue to be a treat for all the senses transforming crops in colorful gardens with beautiful flowers. 

  • Genetics: Haze x Lavender L.A. Confidential Indoor 
  • Yield: 500-600 gr / m2 Outdoor yield: 600-800 gr per plant 
  • THC Content: High 
  • Harvest Indoor: 70 days 
  • Outdoor harvest: October
Soma Seeds

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