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Marmalate Early Version · Delicious Seeds

From our genetic pantry comes an explosive mixture. Critical Mass, predominant sativa aspect but with marked characters in its personality, with an indica cannabis plant and details of great sativa, such as Lavender.

This variety of marijuana is of very simple cultivation and very suitable for any means and method of cultivation. It is a very good cannabis plant to forget. Its rapid and vigorous development, and its pruning tolerance make it perfect for a SCROG. Although thanks to its consistent flowering can be equally good for a Sea Of Green in pots of 7 to 11 liters, with about 25 days of growth and a transplant before flowering. Care must be taken not to pass in height, as it can stretch quite a bit during prefloration. It creates large buds of bluish fringes, with a great amount of trichomes of very penetrating and intense aroma. When inhaling it has a sweet taste to grape and candies, with sweet notes like vanilla or very aromatic wood.

Marmalate causes a brain stimulation effect, accompanied later by a sensation of physical relaxation of very pleasant average intensity. It is very suitable for medicinal use, as well as having a powerful analgesic effect, we can consume it at all times without too psychoactive effects that can be annoying in certain people or circumstances.

· Gender: Female
· Linage: Critical Mass X Lavender
· Genotype: 100% Indica
· Growing mode: Indoor / outdoor
· Inner Maduration: 40 days
· Exterior Maducracion: Beginning September
· Cose: 350-500 gr / m2 indoor / 400-600 outdoor
· Flavor: sweet fruity, vanilla, wood
· Odor: Very intense, sweet, fruity
· Effect: Cerebral / relaxing: analgesic
· THC: 21%
· Medicinal Value: High


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