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Already available at LSD Auto from Barneys Farm, crossing a selection of LSD with Super Magnum Auto marijuana, seeking to maintain the enormous power of LSD but adding the autoflowering gene of the SMA.

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LSD Auto · Barneys Farm

LSD Auto from Barneys Farm, powerful, productive and ready in 65 days

This 70% hybrid indicates 30% sativa is extremely resistant to red spider, mold and moisture, and withstands the cold very well, which makes it ideal for all types of growers, offering good results with little effort and with little climates ideal. It develops well both indoors and outdoors, reaching up to 120cm high if we sow it in a large pot or in the ground.

It offers a yield of up to 400g / plant outdoors and 650g / m2 planted in an indoor growing cabinet, being harvested after 64-70 days of germination, being as fast as productive.

 LSD Auto, intense psychoactive effect, devastating, euphoric but at the same time very relaxing, both physically and mentally, lengthening from 2 to 3 hours.

Its aroma is complex and tasty, combining sweet and floral nuances with hints of lemon, pine and herbs in an earthy background reminiscent of Skunk marijuana and Mazar.

Features of the Barney’s Farm LSD Auto:

  • Feminized Autoflowering Marijuana
  • Indica 70% sativa 30%
  • Genetics: LSD x Super Magnum Auto
  • Outdoor production: 400g / plant
  • Indoor production: Up to 650g / m2
  • Flowering: 64-70 days
  • THC: High
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