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LSD · Barneys Farm


The Barney's team gave it its name because of its powerful trippy high. This plant is very easy to grow and can give you a huge yield of potent, award-winning buds.

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LSD · Barneys Farm

Barneys Farm's LSD variety is 30% Sativa 70% Indica. This LSD strain is derived from the original Skunk #1 crossed with a potent Afghani indica, resulting in a highly mold and disease resistant plant that responds well to all growing conditions. Its effects are euphoric, psychedelic and very powerful, causing an immense cerebral high. LSD has a musky odor with the intense flavor of earthy chestnut.



Type: Feminized

Photoperiod: Long

Cultivation: indoor / outdoor

Genetics: Original Skunk #1 x Afghan Indica

Effect: Social, Body High, Euphoric, Uplifted

Outdoor yield (g): up to 600-750

Indoor yield (g): up to 700 gr / m²

Flowering time (days): 60 - 65

Feminized Outdoor Harvest Month: October

Feminized Outdoor Harvest Week of the Month: 1st-2nd week

Height (cm): 90 / 100cm

Inner height (cm): 100cm

Indicates %: 70%

Sativa%: 30%

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