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CBD Medi Haze · CBD Crew 

CBD Crew's new strain Medi Haze is a sativa dominant high CBD enriched strain
and one of the latest of CBD Crew new releases for 2013.

CBD Medi Haze is Super Silver Haze crossed with old time classic of Nevil Haze then bred with the CBD parents for enrichment. It has taken some time and some testing but the CBD Crew has verified the ratios of CBD to THC as minimum 1:1 with many of the progeny seeds going up to 2 CBD: 1 THC!

So the applications of this strain are of new potential to the medical community.

Despite CBD Medi Haze ancestor, this is a plant that does not stretch too much when grown properly.

Ready for harvest at 9 to 10 weeks. In Northern Hemisphere this plant should be completed outdoors in mid October. CBD Medi Haze produces a good yielding plant with spicy/ menthol /piney aromas.

The yields expected are between 450-550 grams per square meter and a lot of weight comes
in the latter part of flowering as distinct from indica dominants whose weight comes with the onset of flowering.


  • Genealogy: Super Silver Haze x Nevil Haze
  • Genetics: Indica 20% - Sativa 80%
  • Gender: Feminised
  • Type: Indoor, Greenhouse and Outdoor
  • Flowering: 63/70 days
  • Harvest time: Mid October
  • Yield: 450/550 grams for m2 (“indoor” 600W)
  • THC/CBD Content: 4% THC / 8% CBD
  • Medical: between 1:1 to 1:2 THC:CBD Ratio 
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