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The feminized cannabis seed: Medizinal CBD from Genehtik arrives at with a high percentage of CANNABIDIOL, an easily cultivated plant, suitable for people who have never cultivated and seek to obtain the medicinal benefits it offers.

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Medizinal CBD · Genehtik Seeds

Inside the feminized cannabis seed Medizinal CBD of Genehtik with few efforts you will get medium-high plants, with a very wide branching. In order to obtain a 100% medicinal result, it is necessary to grow it with only organic products, in addition they enhance the natural flavor of the cultivated variety. The harvest is ready in 60 days since it began to bloom, and can give productions per m2 of up to 500gr of pure medicine.

Outside it develops forming plants of good diameter and capable of exceeding 2m in height. In general it is a seed that has great resistance to bad weather, and the attack of the most common pests in the cultivation of medical marijuana. Although it is always advisable to use preventives to ensure the harvest, since we are talking about cannabis rich in CBD. The harvest can be done in mid-October, being able to harvest more than 800gr per plant.

The taste is very pleasant and has a great acceptance among low-habit consumers, it offers sweet, fruity and citrus notes. The effect is subtle and bearable, which is perfect to consume at any time we need it, without lowering performance. It is also perfect for use after any intense physical activity, as it produces an ideal muscle relaxation to recover.

  • Sativa / Indica: 25/75%
  • Flowering: indoors in 60 days. Outdoors in mid-October.
  • Height: inside 0.60-1.20m. Outdoor of 1.50-2.50m

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