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KC42 · KC Brains

KC42 is a new sativa/indica stable marijuana hybrid of a New Zealand and KC 639 males represented by K.C. Brains. She became a successful result of KC Brains seed breeding experiments, and one more unique strain to come to life. Being sativa dominated, KC 42 cannabis strains behave like a typical sativa. Her seeds produce tall thin plant with narrow, light green leaves and chunky, thick buds. Her average size can reach up to 2.5 m when grown outside; however, inside varieties of this marijuana keep their height under control and won't stretch taller than 170 cm. It take KC42 sativa a bit longer to grow and mature; she also require more light. Medicine produced from this cannabis lower CBD and higher THC counts which produces a more clear headed, energetic type of high.

Features. - 

  • Type : Sativa
  • Flowering : Photoperiod
  • Genetics : KC 639 & New Zealand strain
  • Flowering Time : Medium
  • Outdoor Harvest : October
  • Height : Tall
  • THC Level : Medium
  • Characteristics : Very Hazy!
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