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Swiss-XT · KC Brains

Swiss-XT is a new marijuana strain created by KC Brain seed breeders exclusively for indoor cultivation. She represents a stable sativa dominated hybrid of a Mr. Swiss and a Double KC. Possessing typical sativa qualities, this cannabis variety is, yet, positively different from all the others. Like any other sativas, Swiss-XT seed produce plants with narrow light green leaves situated spaciously around a thin sturdy stem. However, this particular strain will not stretch up and remain as petite as just 80 cm. She is said to be one of the best pot marijuana strains. The leaf to bud ratio is perfectly balanced, buds have plenty of space and light to fully develop. After a relatively short time for a sativa flowering period that lasts 49-60 days, Swiss -XT is ready to harvest. It's worth trying to give her another week for the best result. You won't be disappointed as she produces compact firm buds covered with white shiny crystals full of THC.


  • Type : Sativa
  • Flowering : Photoperiod
  • Genetics : MR. SWISS & a KC private project
  • Flowering Time : Medium
  • Outdoor Harvest : 49 - 70 days
  • Height : Medium
  • THC Level : N/A
  • Characteristics : Very, very good stone, positively 
  • different from all others. 
  • * Strain: Sativa 
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