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Auto Gelato 33 cannabis seeds are a novelty of Advanced Seeds. All the flavor, aroma and quality of the feminized version but much much faster.

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Auto Gelato 33 · Advanced Seeds

Auto Gelato 33 autoflowering cannabis seeds are the answer of the Advanced Seeds bank to growers who asked to grow their amazing Gelato 33 in less time without losing quality or taste. This variety is the result of the crossing between Sunset Sherbert and an autoflowering GSC and the result is a resinous plant, with a high concentration of THC and unique flavor.

With a hybrid structure, very balanced, it grows to an average size (it can reach 1.5 meters outdoors). At the end of its flowering this plant is covered with a thick white layer of resin and its buds have excellent size and high density. For this reason it is a highly recommended variety for extractions and it is a high yielding plant indoors, it can reach 550 grams per square meter. Outside, with proper care and a minimum of 5 hours of sunlight, you can reach yields of 150 grams per plant.It offers a rapid flowering and will be ready to collect in about 65 days from germination, either indoors or outdoors.

Sweet and fruity, very intense, the effect of Auto Gelato 33 is potent, mainly due to its high THC values.

Characteristics of Auto Gelato 33 marijuana

  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Autoflowering Feminized
  • Genotype: Autoflowering hybrid
  • Genetics: Sunset Sherbert x GSC Thin Mint Auto
  • Cannabinoids: high THC; Low CBD, undeclared values
  • Height: Up to 1.5mt.
  • Full Cycle: 65 days (indoor and outdoor)
  • Production: Up to 550 g / m2 outdoors up to 150 grams per plant.
  • Plantation: From April to November or all year with artificial light.
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