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Auto Critical Mass marijuana is a 2nd generation autoflowering strain, the result of the cross between Critical Mass and a selection of Ruderalis Skunk. Its quality, speed of flowering and productivity make it one of the favorite choices of experienced growers.

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Auto Critical Mass · Advanced Seeds

Auto Critical Mass seeds belong to a generation of automatic machines that have been able to give greater homogeneity among individuals, a faster flowering and a greater proportion between calyces and resin glands. As if that were not enough, the mixture has resulted in considerable levels of CBD, which makes Auto Critical Mass a very suitable plant for medicinal uses.

As a plant, it is quite stable and usually reaches a height of 80-90cm, with a large central bud covered with orange hairs, and during flowering it is covered with super hard buds and tightly coated glands that suppurate resin - yields that can reach The 300-350 grams per square meter in the growing room in just 8 weeks of waiting, a unique combination that usually makes commercial cutivators very happy.

It adapts easily to a growing room, it is optimal for SoG cultivation thanks to the fact that it occupies little space and blooms quickly, which will also allow you to produce marijuana throughout the year. Outdoors, grow it from May to August to get the best productions and psychoactivity.

In addition it also adapts well to guerrilla crops in small spaces, such as balconies, small patios or windows. And if that were not enough, it is very resistant to fungi, pests, drought, light pollution of the street and environments and climates little friends.

Its flavor is almost as interesting as its behavior: It combines a mixture of fruity and earthy nuances with sweet touches, fruits of the forest and woody that will turn your smoke into an authentic sensory experience, accompanying a psychoactive high intensity medium that Leave with your mouth open.

Characteristics of Auto Critical Mass Marijuana


Interior Exterior

Genotype: Autoflowering

Genetics: Critical Mass x Rudelaris Skunk

THC: 14% CBD: Not declared

Flowering: 60-70 days (indoor) or between April and November (outdoor in the northern hemisphere)

Height: 70-90cm (inside) and 90-150cm (outside)

Production: 300-350g per m2

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