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    Afghan Express Auto · Positronics Seeds


    We present Afghan Express a third generation autoflowering strain developed to astonish everybody with her ??power. The ancestor of our is an old Afghan Wernard clon, selected for its excellent ratio THC / CBD. The hybridized with our best ruderalis and descent was self crossed for generations to get a stable and provide Afghan Express a great size and a high percentage of cannabinoids.

    Afghan plant structure: robust and large branches, leaves composed of leaflets thick and widths of a deep green color. The buds are of a large size and completely covered with resin, will amaze any grower. You can make this plant a monster auto-flowering plant. If we start from May planting will give the fullest both in the vegetative phase and in bloom, making growers doubt experts will not really be an auto-flowering plant.


    • -Genealogy: LOWRIDER II x AFGHAN.
    • -Collection: 70-79 days.
    • -Production: 100-120 gr / plant.
    • -THC: 12% CBD: 0.2%
    • -Sensitivity to fungi: HIGH.

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