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Afghani #1 Automatic · Sensi Seeds

The nº1 of the fans of the indica that look for autoflowering plants with heavy and sticky buds! Our classic Afghani # 1 has been updated in a feminized and autoflowering variety that makes the task even easier for novice, expert or indoor growers with little space. Afghani # 1 Automatic seeds are a simple way to success.

The seeds of Afghani # 1 Automatic have been created from the best indica parental of our collection of Afghan cultivars. The best hash plants of Sensi Seeds have been synthesized in a feminized and autoflowering variety that provides cultivators with examples of the 'Afghanica' genotype manual, without exceptions.

It has strong plants, of medium size, with thick side branches and a great abundance of dark green leaves. The height increase during flowering is in the normal range indicated, which means that the plants will almost double the height of the vegetative phase during flowering.

The autoflowering qualities created in Afghani # 1 Automatic will make the plants begin to flower after only 5 to 7 weeks of vegetative growth. Once flowering is activated, this heavy weight indicates large production ends quickly, replete around compact buds. These buds will reach full maturity with another 7 to 9 weeks of flowering, so this variety is grown from start to finish in just 12 weeks!

Afghani # 1 Automatic plants usually give their best performance with a single main stem and unpruned branches. Due to the autoflowering nature, Afghani # 1 Automatic plants should not be subjected to "techniques such as topping", as they will not normally increase their branching or sites with buds. Even indoors, with controlled photoperiods, autoflowering cannabis should not be given extra time during vegetative growth to recover from pruning. The flowering phase of Afghani # 1 begins according to its predetermined cycle, regardless of the number of hours of light provided.

When Afghani # 1 Automatic begins its autoflowering phase, the hard calyces begin to group in each node, filling the upper part of the stem and the branches with long white pistils. These chalices multiply and swell to a medium size, compacting as solid buds form. These buds are grouped into larger groups and, when most pistils have changed from white to orange, the upper section of the main stem should be a single tail, with shiny resin glands.

The buds of Afghani # 1 Automatic weigh a lot and have a great flavor, with a relaxing and very powerful indica effect. Thanks to the density and weight of this variety, even the groups of smaller unconnected flowers of the lower sections of each plant add a good production when they are collected. This is because the Afghani # 1 Automatic buds continue to weigh long after harvest, keeping a good proportion of their weight when they are dry. Large glues should retain most of their size, visibly reducing their size during the drying and curing process.

When examining the dried buds of Afghani # 1 Automatic, it is obvious why the Afghan ancestors of this variety are known as hash plants! A thick layer of cannabinoid-rich trichomes completely covers the groups of mature flowers, as well as the leaves of a single finger that grow from them. These glue sticky glands are the raw material with which all forms of hashish are made.

· Cold / Cool
· Compact plant
· Flowering 40 - 45 days
· Average performance
· 85% Indica

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