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    California Indica · Sensi Seeds

    These feminized seeds are a hybrid of a lush orange-bud from California with Sativa influence and an Afghan hash plant cultivar. The California Indica Feminized seeds inherit a fast and abundant flowering, and a hashish aroma on their part indicates. The Californian parent gives it a delicious orange aroma and a stimulating brain effect!

    The original California Indica seed variety from Sensi Seeds has been bred from a high-yield California orange-bud mother plant, whose blend of features tilted towards the sativa part. The long flowering Californian and abundant buds crossed with our hybrid Northern Lights # 1 x Hash Plant - the same magnificently resinous Afghani double cross that was selected as a pollen donor for our famous Hash Plant variety. The resulting offspring showed a great improvement in flowering time, bud density and resin content compared to the sativa mother plant, and had a sweeter and more fruity flavor, and a more stimulating rise than the parental one indicates. The same two parental plants have been used in the development of California Indica Feminized cannabis seeds.

    Another advantage of bringing these two clearly distinct genotypes together was the impressive hybrid vigor shown by cannabis plants grown from seeds, and this is true for our updated feminized version. California Indica Feminized cannabis seeds produce large, hardy plants with strong ramifications. This feminized variety of cannabis seeds maintains the marvelous effect of the original hybrid - a rise or psychoactive effect of sun-kissed sativa that activates and illuminates a soft Afghanica body effect reminiscent of hashish.

    The California Indica Feminized seeds produce resistant plants, mainly indica, with some obvious sativa characteristics. The indica part dominates the growth pattern, causing this variety to have an abundant and rapid flowering.

    California Indica Feminized can be maintained at a manageable size indoors through controlled flowering, or can grow to the size of a small tree outdoors in a warm continental climate! The hybrid vigor implies that the higher yield examples will gain a little more height in the flowering stage than a pure indica. Indoors, growers must expect the plants to increase the height reached in the vegetative stage by 100-150% during their flowering period of 7 to 8 weeks.

    This feminized variety of cannabis seeds produces true gourmet buds. Careful cultivators will be rewarded by large groups of flowers that become brittle with resin when it is time to harvest. When dry, their masses of mature pistils can make California Indica Feminized buds more orange than green. The thick hairs that grow from each chalice can have a variety of colors ranging from red to dark yellow, with the occasional appearance of pink pistils.

    This variety produces a fairly moderate smell during growth and flowering. When dried and cured, the buds have a rich and delicious flavor - a sublime blend of touches of spicy hash and sweet citrus sativa. Orange is the most common fruit note, although some examples of California Indica Feminized produce citrus aromas that are more reminiscent of lemon or grapefruit. In our favorite examples, the resinous taste of the predecessor hash plant mixes with the Californian citrus to produce something greater than the sum of its parts - a rich bouquet of bitter orange aromas that remains on the palate as an exquisite liquor or chocolate black.

    The rich flavor of California Indica Feminized is especially suitable for vaporizing, because the relatively gentle heating process of this method allows a greater quantity of its delicious heat-sensitive terpenes to reach the consumer. In the hands of an expert cook, the distinctive flavor of this variety can be transferred to edible cannabis products!

    California Indica Feminized has a mixture of indica and sativa qualities, present in its cerebral effect or rise, making it a very pleasant recreational variety. The two different genotypes of their parental varieties allow a wide range of cannabinoids, including THC and CBD, which makes it a good choice as a medicinal cannabis variety.

     · Temperate / Continental
     · Compact plant
     · Flowering 45 - 50 days
     · High performance
     · 35% Sativa / 65

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