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1:20 CBD · Positronics · cannabis seeds · Fem

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1:20 CBD · Positronic Seeds 

This genetics was born from an exclusive selection of Positronics of secret parents, highly appreciated by all the breeders of the bank for its great characteristics.

Throughout an intense work of selection and stabilization has been achieved a homogeneous genetics that offers a ratio of THC: CBD of 1:20 (0.5-1% THC and 15-20% CBD), very relaxing and hardly psychoactive effect .

This makes it highly recommended for medicinal uses, helping to alleviate physical and nervous pathologies, but without disturbing the mind, being perfect for day to day.

As for its structure, it is a strong and robust plant of medium size, which creates large and abundant branches that become sticky and dense buds of buds during flowering.

It is very resistant to fungi and pests, besides being easy to grow, and grows well both in a cultivation of marihuana indoors and outdoors.

· Feminized marijuana
· Hybrid Indica Sativa
· Genetics: Secret
· Flowering: Medium (8-10 weeks)
· Production: Medium-High (400-600g / m2)
· THC Ratio: CBD 1:20
· THC: 0.5-1%
· CBD: 15-20%


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