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A Train · TH Seeds

 A-train is a hybrid of Afghan Mazar i Sharif and Arcata e-32 Trainwreck  clone. 
The smell is very clean and not too spicy; light menthol with a dry afghan-based undertone which eventually fill any room. As you inhale, slightly lemony flavor menthol, leaving the sleeping tongue tastes, and feels an almost immediate kick, before it can be experienced a surprisingly smooth exhale. If you know what you mean slanted eyes, you probably know the type of effect produced. It leaves you smiling and with eyes like little slits-you and your friends and you begin to put you creative, but appear like eating. This is a classic herb for stoners. 
The medicinal qualities seem apparent enough: decrease eye pressure, increased appetite, stress relief; this plant has it all. So grab a ticket and get on the A-train to Villacolocón.

  • Type 40/60 Sativa / Indica 
  • Height 120-140 cm 
  • 300-350 gr/m2 Yield 
  • Flowering time 55-60 Days

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