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Your name says it all Sativa Afghani Genetic Equilibrium (Sativa Afghani Genetic Equilibrium). 
A crossing of a well balanced Haze - fairly stable-with a robust Indica that produces a compact powerful plant with an index of more than 20% THC. Quickly turned into a legend, S.A.G.E. got 2nd place in the blind test HTCC 2001, winning the 1st place in 2000 the same hashish produced by this plant, both results based primarily on power and quality. High in THC and low CBD make this plant a variety with a strong cerebral high. Its spicy sandalwood flavor and long intense cerebral effect makes this plant is those who want the best. Its long flowering period is rewarded with huge buds that seem to double in size in recent weeks. 


  • Type: Mostly Sativa 
  • Height: 120-140 cm 
  • Yield: 300-350 per sqm 
  • Flowering time: 70 -77 days

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