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Electric Lemon G · TH Seeds

The Lemon G-13 is a clone only cut emanating from Ohio. It consists of a citric male unknown sativa crossed with the original female G-13 (Maid by the U.S. government, acquired by TSK) 
'Reeking' lemons and what can only be described as 'syrup', this plant grows strong with long, heavy and sexy sativa buds. 
The taste of this plant is amazing! With a citrus flavor end to the last hit, leaving a strong citrus flavor with notes of earth clinging to your taste buds. The effect is very invigorating with anti-depressive like quality which makes it an excellent plant for smoking day. This herb is definitely not lethargic! 
We crossed this clone elite with a very special variety of male NL-5 to decrease the time of flowering and increase the quantity of output, which in itself was large, the Lemon G. TSK 'upped the ante' a little boost electrically roots of seed-producing plants. This technique increases the amount / proportion of females to males naturally as improves germination rate. You can expect different phenotypes of these seeds. Normal flowering time of 9-10 weeks. 


  • Sativa 
  • Height 120-140 cm 
  • 300-350 gr/m2 Yield 
  • Flowering time 63-70 days

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