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AUTO-AK · Dr Green Seeds

Very popular plant at the moment. Not difficult to cultivate. Medium height. After the right treatment the plant produces a great yield. The plant has a very strong odour and a strong smoke.  AK is being smoked by thousands of people who like its taste. Quite understandable if you know the potency of this plant. Very easy to keep and therefor suitable for indoor, outdoor and home growing. After cultivating the plant in the right way it will comfort you with geat buds with shiny crystals.

 Genetics: Columbian, Mexican, Thai & Afghani


• Ciclo vegetativo: 15 días
• Ciclo floración: 55-65 días
• Altura media: 60 cm
• Producción: 30 - 40 gr/plant


• best: April-September
• Altura media: 80 cm
• Producción: 100 gr/planta
• THC: 16%

Dr Green Seeds

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