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Medical Seeds
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Y Griega CBD · Medical Seeds

This plant is the result of our collaboration with CBD Crew. The result of crossing our mother and Greek crusade for a plant with a high content in CBD and very little THC, we achieved the following stabilization to give the plant the ratio 1: 1 (THC: CBD). Levels can vary from 4 to 10, always with the ratio 1: 1 present. This plant is suitable for those who are unwilling or unable to tolerate high levels of THC. Very suitable for creams, tinctures and other therapeutic supplies, for its mild psychoactive effect. For more details of all the medicinal uses information consult our website. Morphologically it is a robust plant bearing with broadleaf and vigorous growth. We do not recommend more than 16 plants per m2. Prefers organic vs. mineral nutrients and improves not only flavor and aroma but also in performance. Its flavor and aroma is between acid and musky lemony touches.

  •  40% indica 60% sativa
  • THC: Middle
  • CBD: Normal
  • genotype: And Greek X Crew
  • CBD ratio 1: 1
  • Growing season indoors: 1-1.5 weeks
  • Indoor flowering period: 9-10 weeks Interior / m2: 500gr
  • Outdoor height: 2-3 meters
  • Outdoor harvest: early-mid October Outdoor yield: 400gr
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Medical Seeds
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