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Drgreenstore brings you from Nirvana this California-native strain from California, the Blue Dream seed transports you to a 70s Californian dream. A dominant sativa hybrid, rich in THC and very popular among those who...
26,00 € adds to its catalog of feminized cannabis seeds the Blue Fire of Humboldt Seeds, a fruity hybrid of Indica dominance from California with 24% THC a XXL production and aroma of red, citrus and fuel...
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Черничное печенье от Dinafem Seeds - это феминизированное семя конопли, полученное от девочек-скаутов и нашей элитной мамы Blueberry. Girl Scout Cookies, родившаяся в бухте Сан-Франциско, была названа в честь ее...
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The Barney’s Farm Glue Gelato Auto, a hybrid with the best Made In USA genetics on the market, arrives at Glue Auto Gelato, complex and tasty aroma with extremely pleasant effect!
34,00 €
From the encounter between Grandaddy Purple and Larry OG comes Purple Punch feminized from Barney’s Farm a hybrid of Indica dominance and purple tones available now in our catalog of feminized seeds of
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Blue Cannabis Strains

Best Blueberry Cannabis Strains

When a strain is said to be a 'Blue Strain', the Blue is referring to Blueberry genetics. The Original Blueberry is an original from Dutch Passion first developed in the late 1970's. It produces a high yield under optimum conditions and is a dense and stout plant with red, purple and finally blue hues. It is known for it's euphoric high and long shelf life, and, not to mention, its fruity skunk aroma and blueberry taste.

All of the strains within this list are all crosses containing a portion of this original gene.






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