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BAKERS DELIGHT · DNA Genetics · cannabis seeds · Fem

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Bakers Delight · DNA Genetics Seeds

Cookies x Sorbet or as we like to call it "Bakers Delight" is a powerful variety that is super easy to grow with high production yields. Bakers Delight ends with a cookie-cutter appearance along with sweet sorbet flavors throughout, ideal for indoor and outdoor, including greenhouse environments. Just be careful with the height, since he loves to grow on the higher side. This variety is ideal for completing tasks due to its soothing and focusing effects. Ending in about 8-9 weeks, producing large and dense nugs along with their sweet and moist aromas will really make Cookies x Sorbet your last "Delight the Bakers".

· Genotype: Cookies x Sorbet
· Flowering time: 8-9 weeks.
· Indicates: 70% | Sativa: 30%
· Performance: 450-500 g / m2.
· Height: Medium / High

DNA Genetics

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