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SOME SWEET · Medical Seeds · cannabis seeds · Fem

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Some Sweet · Medical Seeds

With this crossing we were looking for a plant of easy cultivation, short flowering and very sweet flavor. Both inside and outside Some Sweet does not usually give many problems, which makes it a good candidate for novice growers.

Indoors, he likes all farming systems. It is advisable to tutorarla, because sometimes the buds weigh more than they hold the branches.

Outside, he likes hot and dry climates more, which is where he usually shows his maximum performance.

At the structural level Some Sweet is a stabilized plant, but its coloration can vary between phenotypes from dark green to purple / purple.

Its aromas and flavors will be a delight for the most exquisite palates because it has fruity notes of grapefruit, berries and papaya. Its effect is rather narcotic-relaxing, quite durable and not very cerebral.

Another very good feature for nighttime use is that it has no "hangover" or "heaviness" effect the next morning, making it a good choice for insomnia or similar problems.

In summary Some Sweet is a plant highly recommended for those who seek a very characteristic flavor, a lasting relaxing effect. It is a very suitable strain for growers of all levels. Limited edition.

· 20% sativa 80% indicates
· Indoor vegetative period: 2 weeks
· Indoor flowering period: 7-8 weeks
· Indoor production / m2: 550 gr
· Outdoor height: 2 m
· Harvest outdoors: mid-October
· Outdoor production / plant: 700-900 gr
· Genotype: Bluehell x Grapefruit
· THC: 17-20%

Medical Seeds

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