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Royal Queen Seeds Solomatic CBD is now available at A cross between a CBD rich Diesel selection and Asia CBD Auto, responsible for providing the auto-flowering genes.

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Solomatic CBD · Royal Queen Seeds

Solomatic CBD with less than 1% THC and up to 22% CBD produces buds with a THC:CBD 1:22 ratio, with an intense aroma, full of nuances.

A plant with hybrid structure that reaches a height of 150cm when cultivated in full ground. It develops a large central tail surrounded by some secondary branches responsible for increasing your crop yield.

It is ready to harvest after about 9-10 weeks of germination, offering an outdoor yield up to 150g per plant and 475g per m2 in an indoor grow tent.

Solomatic CBD, a fruity, sweet aroma with pine and ginger touches

It has a completely physically relaxing and slightly soothing effect maintaining a clear head at the same time. This is because it contains less than 1% THC and up to 22% CBD. You can enjoy its incredible aroma relieving pain, stress and anxiety into your normal day.

Royal Queen Seeds Solomatic CBD info:

  • Type: Feminised auto-flowering seeds
  • Genetics: Diesel CBD x Asia CBD Auto
  • 20/70/10 Sativa-Indica-Ruderalis
  • Harvest: 9-10 weeks after germination
  • Indoor yield: up to 475g per m2
  • Outdoor yield: Up to 150g per plant
  • THC: <1%
  • CBD: up to 21%
Royal Queen Seeds

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