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Genehtik Seeds

Genehtik was born as a result of many long years of intensive cultivation work and of sharing and exchanging genetics, information and experiences with breeders and breeders (amateurs and professionals), recognized and unknown from different countries and continents of the world.

Since the end of the 90s we have been maintaining very special marijuana varieties, authentic champions in many cases. From the trial of different crosses with them and with other marijuana seeds from different parts of the world, we have managed to create our own completely stable and quality varieties.

Genehtik Seeds

In our catalog you can find feminized marijuana seeds and autoflowering marijuana seeds, as well as ferilizers and nutrients for your plants.

The quality of Genehtik marijuana seeds
Our marijuana seed bank always guarantees the maximum genetic quality of all our seeds, maintaining the characteristics of the parents and preserving the aromas, flavors and effects as well as ensuring a stability and vigor both in the development and in the structure of the plant. Always guaranteeing that almost 100% of our marijuana seeds will offer female flowers.

Genehtik Seeds

All our seeds are selected and cleaned manually to ensure the highest quality, with a microtube packaging to ensure optimal conservation.

In our catalog you will find a wide range of genetics selected by our bank to choose from, with different flavors, effects, aromas, flowering times, production, ... and many videos where each variety is explained concretely so you can have all the information necessary to help you in your choice.

We guarantee the maximum genetic quality of all our marijuana seeds.

Genehtik Seeds

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