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Positronics Seeds Company


Positronics Seeds Company actively collaborated in the development and birth of the first hybrids of Cannabis in the seventies. Was achieved not without problems, exporting new varieties to Holland where they decided to settle in order to work in a professional manner. They were pioneers in developing the seedless culture technique, from cuttings, which marked a revolution around the end of the seventies.

Positronics Seeds Company

Consolidated Positronics in Amsterdam as the pioneer in selective breeding of Cannabis. From then until today, the twenty-raising has continued to spread among thousands of farmers.


Positronics Seeds Company


Countless crosses made between different plants have led to a huge family of varieties where to choose the most appropriate for each situation, taking a phenomenon comparable to the choice of a tasty wine at a restaurant. So in Positronics have made this phenomenon a pillar of his philosophy: to develop the so-called a la carte Cannabis. All of them 100% feminized!


Positronics Seeds Company

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