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DrGreenstore brings you this kit of 3 varieties rich in CBD from the Dutch Passion seed bank

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CBD Rich Feminized Mix · Dutch Passion Seeds

DrGreenstore brings you this kit of 3 varieties rich in CBD from the legendary Dutch Passion seed bank.

The kit is composed of:

  • 3 x CBD Compassion is a variety enriched with CBD and mainly Sativa. Ready between 8 and 9 weeks to harvest this variety that has a THC / CBD ratio that can vary from 2: 1 to 1: 1 with THC levels that can reach a maximum of 14%. Its cannabinoid composition allows to offer a calm and relaxing effect, ideal for daytime consumption.

  • 3 x Charlotte's Angel: it is a variety more concentrated in CBD, it can reach up to 16% of CBD with less than 1% of THC. Ideal for the therapeutic effects of cannabidiol without feeling any psychoactive effect. Ready in 9 to 12 weeks, with appreciated spicy flavors with hints of pine and Diesel notes.

  • 3 x CBD Kush offers a CBD / THC ratio of 1: 1 offering a relaxing narcotic effect to the body and slightly euphoric at the brain level with THC and CBD levels close to 7%. The flowers of this genetics have classic Kush flavors, with earthy touches with a sweet background.

In total you will enjoy 9 cannabis seeds enriched with CBD, discover which one is your favorite!

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