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Drgreenstore proposes you to grow American flavors with this Mix of three varieties of the catalog of automatic seeds of genetics USA of the Dutch Passion Bank: 3 x Auto Glueberry O.G, 3 x Auto Brooklyn Sunrise and 3 x Auto Colorado Cookies

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USA Autoflower Mix · Dutch Passion Seeds

The USA Autoflower Mix kit contains:

  • 3 x Auto Glueberry O.G. It offers important crops. Ready in 11 weeks from germination, they will produce an important layer of resin.
  • 3 x AutoBrooklyn Sunrise, directly from NYC comes a plant with classic Diesel flavor and a powerful euphoric effect. Also ready in 11 weeks after germination, develop a layer of abundant resin!
  • 3 x Auto Colorado Cookies, a cross between the Girl Scout Cookies clone and the Dutch Passion Autoblueberry, ready in 11 weeks from germination to be able to harvest dense and resinous buds of sweet mango flavor ...

Growing American flavors has never been so easy!

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